Why Do Patients Want a Better Experience?

Patients who take BPH medication are not guaranteed a significant improvement in symptoms, and some might feel that surgery is too big a step to proceed. Even watchful waiting comes with risks.

The UroLift® System is a proven option for patients seeking an alternative to BPH medications or major surgery.

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  • Patients on BPH medication
    are not satisfied

    48% of patients on medications do not have a clinically significant improvement in symptoms (<4 point IPSS improvement)1

    Side-effects include headaches, dizziness, asthenia, nasal congestion, loss of libido, ejaculatory dysfunction, and erectile dysfunction2

  • Surgery is a big step
    for patients

    Surgery with general anesthesia comes with operative risks: transfusion, significant hematuria2.

    Catheterization for days3

    Risk of permanent complications2: urinary incontinence, sexual dysfunction and urethral stricture

  • Watchful waiting
    comes with risks

    Bladder outlet obstruction may result in irreversible bladder damage if left untreated4,5

    87% of men who elect watchful waiting experience a worsening of symptoms over a four year time period6

Find out how UroLift® compares to other treatments

Basic Areas to Cover With Patients7-9

  • Understand severity of BPH symptoms

  • Consider patient experience after treatment and durability of BPH symptom relief

  • Explore potential treatment options

    • Non-invasive: Medication and Monitoring

    • Minimally Invasive: Prostatic Urethral Lift (PUL) using the UroLift® System

    • Moderately Invasive: Thermotherapies and Lasers

    • Most Invasive: Surgery

  • Understand patient treatment goals and preferences

    • Short vs. long-term relief, speed of recovery, need for hospital stay/ post-op catheter, and downtime

    • Side effects during and after treatment

    • Preservation of sexual function

    • Total cost of treatment across lifetime

Talk to Your Patient
About the UroLift® System Today

Patients who seek medical advice might not be fully aware of the treatment options available and will need time to make a decision. Providing materials that they can bring home to discuss with their loved ones will be beneficial.

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